Dental Wipes


Banana Breezy Dental Care:

Make dental hygiene a treat with our effortless Dental Wipes, the no-fuss alternative to the toothbrush. Crafted for a quick, refreshing clean, our wipes keep your dog's smile bright and breath fresh with a delicious natural banana flavor they can't resist.

Banana-Flavored Freshness:

Unwrap the secret to easy dental care with our banana-flavored wipes, designed to combat plaque and freshen up your dog's smile in a few simple swipes.

Natural Ingredients, Healthy Smile:

Infused with natural ingredients like Sodium Bicarbonate and Sage, our wipes are a safe haven for your pet's teeth, ensuring a healthful, gleaming grin.

Simple Dental Delight:

Bid adieu to brushing battles—our pH-balanced Dental Wipes mean cleaning your dog's teeth is as enjoyable as receiving their happiest tail wag.

Each pack comes with 100 pre-moistened wipes, ready for use straight from the container. Proudly made in the USA, these wipes simplify dental care to a joyful, rewarding experience for both you and your pet.

How to Use:

Introduce the wipe by letting your dog sniff and taste it, then gently clean their teeth and gums with a fresh wipe for each quadrant. Follow up with their favorite treat for a job well done!

A Gentle Reminder:

While these wipes make dental care a breeze, ensure they're for external cleaning only and not ingested.

Bring the ease of tropical fruit freshness to your pet’s dental routine with our Dental Wipes, and watch them line up for their daily clean with a wag and a lick.