Paw Balm


Pamper Their Paws:

Introducing a balm that's a guardian for your pup's paws, shielding them against the harshness of the elements. Our Paw Balm is a fusion of natural shea butter and almond oil, providing a protective barrier and unmatched nourishment.

Effortless Application:

Give your dog's paws the VIP treatment with our non-greasy balm, designed for quick absorption and a clean, carefree finish.

Natural Deterrent:

Specially crafted with a natural bitter taste, our balm keeps your furry friend from licking, letting the healing happen uninterrupted.

Eco-Friendly Design:

Our commitment to the planet is as strong as to your pet, with an eco-conscious, biodegradable tube for easy, guilt-free application.

Each ingredient, from Lavender to Rosemary Oil, has been chosen for its healing properties and is lovingly combined to care for your pet's paws. Produced in the USA, this 2.5 oz solution is easy on the earth and your pet.

How to Use:

Introduce your dog to the balm, let them become acquainted with its scent, then massage it into their paws for soothing relief, as often as needed.

Safe & Sound:

To ensure the happiness of your four-legged friend, remember to do a patch test first for a worry-free experience.

Crafted for comfort, our balm stands ready to soothe, protect, and restore, keeping those playful paws ready for adventure.