Eye Wipes


Clear Vision, Gentle Care:

Introducing our dog eye wipes, the gentle solution for keeping your pup's eyes bright and free from tear stains and debris. Each wipe is soaked in a nurturing formula, designed for delicate areas around the eyes, ensuring your furry friend looks and feels their best.

Pure Comfort:

Maintain your dog’s expressive beauty with our soothing eye wipes, blending Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel for a calming, tear-free experience.

Nature’s Touch:

Crafted with 100% natural ingredients, our wipes offer the tender touch of nature to cleanse and relieve, restoring comfort without harsh chemicals.

Treat and Cleanse:

Turn eye cleaning into a treat-worthy ritual. Our wipes are a caring gesture, leaving your dog anticipating each gentle swipe with a wagging tail.

Each pack contains 100 pre-moistened wipes, ready to use for instant freshness. Thoughtfully made in the USA with a natural preservative from Whole Foods’ accepted list, these wipes are as safe as they are effective.

How to Use:

Acclimate your dog to the wipes by allowing them to smell the product, then gently clean around the eyes, steering clear of direct contact with the eye.

Safety Assured:

For external areas only and not for direct eye contact. If there’s redness or irritation, please consult with a vet.

Nourish and protect your companion's eyes with our all-natural wipes—because every glance should be as clear and clean as a tropical breeze.