Diamond Design Bath Towel with Unbleached Tassels


These Turkish cotton towels with a subtle diamond design will dry off your skin while making you feel like you're living in a boutique hotel.

The Diamond towel is as thick and thirsty as they come, and its texture and weight mean you could also use it as a light throw blanket.

The Diamond is no flimsy towel. It's one of our thickest towels with a delicate weave. Woven from Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard certified Turkish cotton in Babadag, a small mountain village near the city of Denizli, Turkey.  Our artisans use handlooms and techniques passed down from generation to generation. By using handlooms these towels are much more durable than mass-produced Turkish towels. No harmful chemicals are used for the safety of your children, pets, and the environment.

The tassels are natural cotton with raw, unbleached fringes.

USAGE: The Diamond towel is ideal as a bath towel or as a light throw blanket or scarf for cool nights out.

DETAILS: Generously sized at 40" x 70", Unbleached fringes

Aside from being oh-so-pretty, The Bali Market towels get better with use, so go ahead and use them daily!