Ear Cleaner Wipes


Hear the Difference:

Embrace the preventive care of our Ear Cleaner Wipes to ensure your dog's ears are not just clean, but also healthily maintained. Say goodbye to unnecessary vet visits with routine ear care, especially vital for our floppy-eared friends.

Effortless, Soothing Clean:

Our pre-moistened wipes, enriched with Willow Bark and Witch Hazel, provide a soothing touch for routine ear care, keeping discomfort and infections at bay.

Naturally Crafted:

Formulated with natural ingredients and free of alcohol, our wipes offer a gentle yet effective solution, prioritizing your pet’s comfort and ear health.

Fresh and Easy:

With a delightful scent and simple-to-use design, our wipes make ear cleaning a breeze, turning it into a hassle-free, pleasant ritual for you and your dog.

Packaged with 100 ready-to-use wipes, our product boasts a naturally-derived preservative, ensuring safety and efficacy. Designed with a pH-balanced formula in the USA, it's the ideal choice for regular ear maintenance.

How to Use:

Gently wipe the accessible part of your dog's ears, using new wipes as needed until clean. For best results, incorporate into daily care routines.

Kind Reminder:

If you notice signs of discomfort or pain in your dog during ear cleaning, please consult with a veterinarian for guidance.

Let our Ear Cleaner Wipes bring harmony to your dog's health regimen, offering a gentle, effective clean that resonates with a wag of approval.